In my free time I have been working on a passion project in an effort to expand my current skill set. I'm the sole developer, designer and artist on this game and am looking to release on steam in the near future.

Create a game at the scale and level of polish of a major publisher release in the early 90's. The player will explore eight unique hand-drawn environments full of classically animated enemies and diverse boss fights. It's pretty ambitious for a one-man-dev-team with some help from his friends.
I spent two years of nights and weekends finessing the art style and game mechanics. I then laid out a plan to tackle the project in chunks. Starting with the boss fights I will work my way back through designing the level armed with the knowledge of what I want to teach the player along the way.
I'm still in the middle of the process but am currently ahead of my planned schedule. If everything goes well, I'll be releasing the game in the first quarter of 2018.