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I was contracted to lead design for FlexTeam a new startup that was recently funded by techstars in July of 2019. The goal was to create an attractive MVP that makes it easier for businesses to work with and pay their network.

Since the team was already building the product before I was brought on defining a styleguide was a great first step. This gave me a chance to get my feet wet and gave the developers the tools they needed to impress stakeholders.

As the developers added my styling I audited and refined the interactions that were already in the product. Next, I began validating the screen flow for new pages and finally rounded out the app through clickable high fidelity mockups.

No product is perfect but we launched a very polished MVP by focusing on the core features and maximizing our time spent on them.

Liquid went live in October 2019 and has since been "expanded to 175+ countries and valued at $232B". (that's what their site says)

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