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Looking For Heals

Moonlit game development has become a passion of mine since I enjoy both the craft and the challange of the hobby. I'm often working alone on these projects but for LFH I partnered with a local game designer and brilliant coder (not kidding) Jason Hillhouse.

LFH started as a 72 hour game jam project where we tried to distill the MMO boss fight experience from the stressful (and often comedic) perspective of the party's healer.

Out of the thousands of Ludum Dare entries we won 3rd place in the 'Fun' category. After spending a year working on other titles, we decided to join forces to turn the concept into a fully realized, single-player rogue-lite.

After about a year of working on the game we launched it into steam early access while we were showcasing it in the indie megabooth for GDC 2019. (hell yeah)

With early access came the expectation of regular updates so it went from a hobby project to a small business overnight. It was very difficult but we managed to get through all of the feature updates, bug reports and armchair expert advice with our sanity in tact. (mostly)

We've since finished development and I couldn't be prouder of our charming little dungeon crawler that makes the healer the hero of the story.

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