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Zapt Mobile

I was tasked with creating a mobile app that was "like uber but for moving companies" (not kidding). In our first checkpoint I went over a couple persona's that I came up with, a barebones styleguide and a rough screenflow.

After confirming with the customer that I was headed in the right direction I started on gray box wireframes to flesh out the interactions.

At our next checkpoint the customer informed me that they didn't want to launch on the iOS/Android store anymore. They said they needed to "test run the app as a responsive website" first. I had some concerns with the pivot but their mind was already made up so I retooled my design and pushed foward with production.

After about a month's time I had a fully clickable prototype that could be tested on desktop, tablet and mobile. They said they were "thrilled with my work" but they didn't want to pay us for the second installment. (the work was shelved)

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